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Experience a SnoBear:

Ice fishing has never been so effortless! The SnoBear ice fishing machine is the ultimate way to experience fishing in sub-zero temperatures with ease and comfort. It has been created with efficiency in mind, and allows anyone to enjoy the experience without sacrificing extra time and energy. The floors have built-in, latched fishing holes that allow the user to begin fishing and move quickly with ease. The interior design has an independent heating system that allows the user to adjust temperatures accordingly, and always be comfortable! Also, if you already own a SnoBear, we'd be glad to service, repair, or assist you in adding some extras to your current machine. Feel free to contact C&M SnoBear Sales and Service for any of your SnoBear questions or needs!


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Are you thinking about a SnoBear for this next Ice Fishing Season?? We have financing available, so call Corey today at: 605-695-3232 to see what options that you would have!


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C&M SnoBear Sales and Service is an authorized dealer of SnoBear USA, Inc. that is family-run and ready to assist you in, “The Ultimate Ice Fishing Experience!”. We are located south of Volga, South Dakota, which is about 45 miles north of Sioux Falls.

Whether you are interested in information about our vehicles, viewing the latest model, purchasing a vehicle, or maintaining/upgrading the SnoBear that you own, we are ready to meet all of your needs!

Feel free to contact Corey & Melissa with any questions that you may have, 605-695-3232, or check us out on our Facebook page: C&M SnoBear Sales. Thank you for your interest!

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The best way to contact us is to either:

Call Corey at: 605-695-3232
Or, e-mail at: CMSnoBear@gmail.com