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About the SnoBear

SnoBear: The original “recreational” vehicle designed and engineered to drop the chassis 12 inches to just a few inches above the ground. With built-in adaptable latched holes, this vehicle was built to serve as the ice-fisherman’s dream. The thermal efficient design allows you to ice fish in a t-shirt. For added safety, the track distributes the weight of the vehicle to LESS than one pound per square inch.

SnoBear USA provides unique, efficient, and dependable snow-track vehicles that support two specific industries; both for recreational and industrial consumers. SnoBear has a few patented features that allow for travel at much higher speeds compared to any other vehicle in its class. With a flawless and smooth ride, it is the “Cadillac” on the snow.

Patented Max Tracks








Acralift System

Other Types of Vehicles Available:

SnoCub: A trailer is a handy item to have any time, but when you have one that is capable of gliding over extreme winter terrain, is fully enclosed and heated, then you have something indispensable. The SnoCub is built to the same strict standards as our vehicles so you can be assured that whatever cargo you are transporting, it is safe and sound. Since the SnoCub is heated, it can be outfitted with seating providing extra room for more friends, workers or guests.

Since it is a trailer, it is also a great unit to take gear out to a work site and be able to leave it locked up and secure so everything is there waiting for you the next time you venture out. Handily pulled by our SnoCoach, the SnoCub is an excellent addition to any company looking to increase their winter transportation capabilities without necessarily having to purchase another driven vehicle.

The Grizz: The industrial use vehicle that was conceptualized as request from numerous clients. A machine for winter travel in remote areas that utilizes a fast, efficient, and warm ride. With multiple applications for transport in: search and rescue, ambulance, oil patrol, gas and electrical maintenance.

SnoBear Features

  • 2020: Vanguard V-Twin 40HP
  • 2019 and older: Zenith Hyundai Liquid-Cooled, 1.6-Liter Engine
    CVT Belt Drive
    Locking Differential w/ Independent L/R Brakes
    4 Large Fishing Holes with Covers & Sleeves
    16 Rod Holders in all
    Dash Cup & Rod Holders (8 Rods)
    2 Rear Corner Cup & Rod Holders (10 Rods)
    2 Overhead Storage Cabinets
    2 Cabin Fans
    2 Vexilar Mounts (Front & Rear)
    In Dash Power Inverter w/ 2 – 12 Volt & USB Outlets
    Power Steering and Tilt
    Electronic Gauges- MPH/RPM/TEMP/OIL/FUEL?BATTERY

    AM/Fm Radio/CD/USB/BT/XM ready
    2 Premium 6.5 inch speakers
    Interior LED Lighting
    Horn and side mirrors
    On board cabin battery charger
    Thermostat-Controlled Forced-Air Propane Furnace 20 lb. Propane Tank w/gauge
    Front LED Light Bar
    Rear LED Flood Light Engine Coolant Heater Hydraulic Antifreeze Additive Pre-
    Front Receiver Hitch
    Reflective Body Decals
    Carbon Monoxide Detector
    Escape Hatch

  • SnoBear Specifications

    • Overall Length – 200 Inches
    • Body Width – 84.5 Inches
    • Height (Raised Position) – 94 Inches
    • Hydraulic Lift – 12 Inches
    • Weight – 3500 LBS
    • Fuel Capacity – 14-Gallons
  • Optional Features available from SnoBear


    4 Clam Chairs
    1 Clam Chair & 2 Benches
    2 Clam Chairs & 1 Bench

    Bench Options

    Bench Heater
    Clam Style Chair
    Pro Captain Chair
    Guidesman Chair (side rear)

     Additional Items

    Exterior Universal Auger Mount
    Interior Auger Mount
    7″ Auger Flute (interior)
    2 Side Mountable Rod Holders (14 Rods) Table w/ Cup Holders & Pedestal Mount

Information Credit: http://www.snobearusa.com

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